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I'm thinking of You!
I like your dancing!
I love you smile!
I love you Miley!
I love Your...
I like you creativity!
Merry me baby!


2320: I got "little" problem with reverse animation after mouse roll out if you know what I mean. Need to fix this later.

3093: Nature Spirit Life
Fri 10:31:52 3 April

2319: [Olívia] - Estúdio 172 Sessions

Fri 10:28:16 3 April

2318: Let's search an art on Pinterest!

3090: I Miley!

3091: But Miley loves Demi...
Fri 10:18:46 3 April

2317: [ArteConcret]

3087: I think this guy needs a little bit of Miley' style! You know! Not a little. As fucking much as it's possible. Well... then he would be Lil Wayne. Sorry Lil! I love you for song: No Love! Your best song I think! But I don't know all your songs! Respect bro!

3088: What's this funny language?

3089: Oh! Guy is from Brasilia.
Fri 09:54:35 3 April

2316: Detective Prada: Who wants to separate gays and lesbians from art?
Fri 09:52:17 3 April

2315: Can you count? Count on me!

3085: One color is missing.

3086: TURQUOISE. This means ART.
Fri 09:47:11 3 April

2314: There are seven colors in the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

3079: Well I was always thinking that I am not real gay!

3080: Look at another shit: Baker saw the rainbow as a natural flag from the sky, so he adopted EIGHT colors for the stripes, each color with its own meaning. HOT PINK for sex, red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, TURQUOISE for art, indigo for harmony, and violet for spirit. (Where the fuck is hot pink?!)

3081: The answer is: We're suffering from lack of ART and hot SEX.

3082: But when I miss Miley I like to suffer. It's a kind of sacrifice.

3083: Don't you think that kind of creativity comes from such a sacrifice?

3084: Creativity is love! But we need some more ART! MORE ART! MORE ART! MORE ART!
Fri 09:26:18 3 April

2313: Hello Miley!
Fri 08:30:33 3 April


Anita i Pies Rico
Fri 02:39:43 3 April

2311: When you look at the left side of the screen you'll see this little unnecessary gadget. For Miley looks perfect I suppose. Luckily Me to have you on such a grate Talk-Show. Miley. Good night baby! And the rest of ball.

3077: Okey. Now I am trying to do right side! I think is soon will be done!

3078: Okey! It's done! But how many colors have rainbow?
Fri 01:58:13 3 April

2310: [Episode_13] So nice!

3071: Your dancing is excellent. One step and you'll have dance pole in your studio. But be careful if you really want it. Why not. That would be something. Pole dancing Talk Show Host. Not everyday. Just from time to time. I think all the world would be jealous because your show is such a perfect.

3072: Miley. Don't worry If you extend one hour of your show. You are the only one boss. You don't have to listen nobodies advises! Trust me! Digital world will swallow all your data. If there's some nice conversation you can extend it into infinity. For example with Diplo you talk very short time and the guy looks super nice and he is very interesting I think.

3073: From my experience I can tell you that longer something last the better is. People are afraid of mess and being messy but his is very very beautiful thing. So you don't have to be sharp and fast and direct all the time. Just be lazy & and don't ask nobody. Listen to your heart and your intuition. All is just a frame and the main and the most interesting content is You!

3074: I like crazy improvisations. Longer it last better it is.

3075: This song I played today for you... (check Travel Radio) I played 16 minutes. For a song is quite long. Butt tomorrow I will play for you 45 minutes. I want my music to be meditation music. I must put myself in a trance. When I play stupid solos on my guitar it's a kind of improvisation for me. No effects no makeup just pure guitar sound. And it's just beginning. I wonder what It comes from it in some days from now?

3076: Try to record just some talking of you. Imagine that you're doing just a radio show. Imagine that there's no vision. Imagine that there's some blind people on this planet who can only hear your voice. Your beautiful low voice. Mrrr... I'm your puppy forever baby! It's so nice to share heart with you. Anyhow I can call it.
Thu 21:56:23 2 April

2309: I hate CSS. Same as Java Script, you know! It's real pain in the ass!

3062: Now I hate CSS animations and transitions a most! I need to learn this but I don't know where to start?

3063: Anyway. My code looks like peace of shit.

3064: Ok. Calm down. Step by step. But what?! What is step? What is foot? Who am I? I'm just kidding. I just don't know where to start.

3065: The first question every developer should ask himself is: What you wanna do? The second question is: For fucking what?!

3066: You don't have to buy everything you just saw!

3067: There's so many questions you don't ever hear about! The best possible choice you can have is: "Alright! Fine. Fuck it! Thank you very much!" Problem solved!

3068: I am kind of programmer who sometimes thinking. WTF have I done? How it works? I have no fucking idea and I don't want to have any! I think Miley understand me well!

3069: I don't like to sniffing in garbage. Even if can find there some shit!

Thu 21:32:17 2 April

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